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Best iMovie Alternatives For Under $50


 iMovie is a great little video editing application for the Mac, but it is by no means the only one out there. There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider an alternative. In my case I found Apple’s re imagining of what an amateur editor should be, was too great a departure from the professional software I have been using for many years. My Dad on the other hand (who has no previous experience of video editing) has picked it up rather quickly but is experiencing reliability issues on larger projects. Other people may simply be looking for particular features that iMovie does not offer them.

I downloaded and tried as many low cost Mac video editing applications as I could find. I then tried each one again and again, eliminating at least one each time. I was looking for an application that was low cost, capable of most editing tasks, had good import and export features and most of all, one that was easy and intuitive to use.

I wont go into details about the ones I rejected as I really just want to tell you about the two that I narrowed the selection down to.

David Team. Video Editor Pro $29.99

Video Editor Pro has a nice clean interface and the basic functions required to do most editing jobs. Most of the work is carried out within a multi layered and very flexible time line where media clips are displayed at their appropriate lengths in relation to each other. It also offers a reasonable selection of titling, transition effects and media adjustments.


Wondershare. Video Editor. $39.99

The second one is somewhat controversial in as much as the same application is for sale under numerous company brands and there are many rumors on the internet reporting devious marketing techniques employed by the these brands. I discovered this after I decided the software was really rather good. My choice was made purely  on the software’s functionality and ease of use. Wondershare video editor is clean, quick and easy to use with a good selection of tools and effects. Its timeline displays the media as a sequence of thumbnails rather than ribbons of relative length which is why I slightly prefer the David Team editor. In general Wondershare editor feels like a great iMovie replacement but if you are concerned about supporting a company that may have employed (perhaps still do) spamming techniques in the past go for The David Team editor.


Before committing to either of these applications I would suggest you download demos from their respective web sites and give them a try with a lengthy edit.



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