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My iPad based Animation System. Yep! I’m pretty excited about this.

Animation station in use

Bear with me! I’m pretty excited about this. I have been rather busy over the past few months developing a child friendly, stop motion animation system for use in schools. I wanted to create a system that was easy to use, versatile and would allow the children to see the results of their work immediately without them needing to transfer their images to another application for processing. In addition to this it needed to be relatively low cost and portable to allow sufficient units for a whole classroom of children. These days, amateur stop motion is often created with a camera plugged into a laptop running costly software, This can become expensive when duplicated to cater for a whole class!

After much trial and error (understatement but ill spare you the details) I settled on a design based around an iPad mini and an “animation stage” secured onto a single sturdy base unit. The iPad mini was not only a lot less expensive than a laptop and camera but in many ways was more convenient and easier to use, It also provided access to a range of good quality inexpensive software applications.

I created twelve of these animation stations and twelve sets of characters and props. Magnets on the backs of the characters and props allow them to stick to the stage board and be moved as desired.

To make this a whole group activity I decided that each animation station could represent a single act from a larger show (circus show in this case). Once the children have finished their individual animations they can be rapidly edited together to form the whole show.

Are you still with me? :-)

animation station

My first run of this activity was in a number of vacation care centers during the April holidays. It was received very well by both the staff and children and Im really pleased with the results. This is a great way to combine modern technology with hands on creativity in a way that children find engaging. Many of the children were keen to know what iPad software we were using so that they could have a go at making their own animations at home.

12 animation stations

Having given this activity a first run, I am now able to pinpoint a few things that I could improve upon with the physical system as well as my instruction. Im looking forward to making continuous improvements and enhancements to this system and I have many ideas in mind.

My next job is to consider creating another theme (Im thinking time travel) and introduce it into the classroom as an engaging activity that can support curriculum subjects in addition to ICT literacy. With the help of sticky backed magnets this system also allows children to create their own animatable items, providing a great way to learn and communicate ideas. Can you tell I’m pretty excited about this? :-)

If you have any thoughts or questions please get in touch!

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